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Export and Packaging / Business Area
Handling work
  • Packing Part: Creation of wooden box, pallet, export packing, heavy load packing
  • Aetyled wood part
Sales Details
  • Industry, construction equipment and machinery
  • Plant structure, various raw materials and subsidiary materials
  • Domestic and export products (finished products, semi-finished products, parts Knock-Down Parts, End Items)
  • Semiconductor equipment, equipment, test maintenance, inspection equipment, balls, instruments, computer peripherals
  • Mold (mold), automotive parts, complete vehicles, test vehicles
  • A variety of exhibition art, modeling, pottery, musical instruments, antiques, furniture, etc.
  • Plant structure, various raw materials and subsidiary materials
  • Laboratory supplies
Kinds of packing boxes
  • Timber enclosed box
  • Wooden box
  • A plywall box
  • Timber Open-Shape box
  • SKID, Bundle (Bundle & Writing Type)
  • Special packaging buffer packaging, vacuum packaging, desiccant packaging, waterproof packaging, etc.
  • Paper box cardboard, cardboard + wood
Packing Operations
  • Warehousing packaging - Work after receiving and receiving goods from the company.
  • Business trip Packaging - Work within the customer's plant or at the designated location.
  • Process packaging - If the packaging is part of the customer's production process.
  • Investigation packaging - The agency is under our supervision.
Packing Preparation Step / Process of packing
  • The protection or quality
    preservation of the contents
    shall be adequate during all
    distribution processes.
  • Packing material or
    container is safe for
    content and human body
  • Packing unit of products
    is suitable for distribution
  • Identify, mark and
    explain contents
  • The remaining
    space volume
  • Packing costs are
  • Resource reuse
    and waste
Considerations of Packing
The act of protecting, transporting, explaining, and ensuring that the necessary quality of goods can be sold, from the manufacture, distribution, storage, to the use and recycling of goods, and in other words,
  • Definition of Packaging in IS : The technology and condition of the construction of suitable materials or containers in the product to transport goods protect the value and condition of the material in the storage compartment.
  • Package : The package is packaged or the target.
  • Packaging : Conducting process of object being packaged.
Purpose of Packing
  • For protection, storage (long term, short term)
  • For domestic distribution
  • To improve quality (image improvement)
  • For advertising / propaganda
  • For export shipments
  • To increase the efficiency of logistics
  • To secure sales units and improve customer service
Features of products
  • Characteristics of the product : shock resistance, degree of compatibility, and electromagnetic characteristics
  • Function of product : power source, structural, and control
  • The role of the product : wasting, decorative, and mechanical
  • Shape of the product : material, quantity, and weight
  • The price of a product
Transport Method
  • Transport conditions: Container, Bulk
  • Transportation: Air, Ship, Truck, Train etc.
  • Transport distance
  • Loading / Unloading Conditions and Methods
  • A place of origin, a waypoint, destination
Weather / Climate
  • Dry / moisture classification
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Wind direction and wind speed
  • Other Specifics
What About User's Requirements & Regulations?
  • Configure appropriate packaging cost for customer against product price
  • Whether the customer specifies the packaging type or preferred
  • Various inspection conditions before packaging (SGS, hazardous goods inspection, etc.)
  • Whether there are any restrictions on quantity, weight and size in transit
  • Customer's delivery date
  • Whether the use of packaged materials is regulated