Export and Import Shipment

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GLS KOREA is a global connection network that reduces
distribution costs of customers by providing marine freight
such as container bulk / project freight to more optimal
transportation service.
Based on our global network and advanced logistics systems, we offer
international shipping and logistics services such as sea & air, inland
transportation, warehouse storage, customs clearance, and door to door
service for containers, bulk cargo, and other goods. It provides the best
logistics service to customers by systematically combining accurate ship schedulesand space
reservations, issuing and forwarding B/L and arrival verification and
delivery checks through AGENT.
Main Service
Container Cargo Transport
With a freight contract signed with one of the world's leading shipping companies, we offer fast and accurate transportation services by making the most of the advantages of each shipping line with competitive fares anywhere in the world.
Bulk/Project Cargo Transport
For the transport of bulk / project freight that cannot be loaded in containers and freight that requires special equipment, the service is provided in the most efficient manner through the transport system, from transport methods to routes to charter.
3PL Management
We can help you increase the efficiency of your time and money by providing you with the logistics you need to be more competitive.
Export and Import Customs clearance
The company provides agency services to prevent any further inconvenience regarding complicating import and export customs procedures and storage of warehouses.
GLS KOREA provides integrated logistics services such as maritime and air forwarding, customs clearance, land transport, charter and warehouse management to customers. It provides savings and efficiency.