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Information of Relocation : Russia
As Russia does not have a visa waiver agreement with Korea,
you must obtain a visa to visit Russia.
Information of Customs Clearance
Requirements for transportation of migrant goods
, The validity period of the business visa must remain at least 6 months prior to receiving the transfer freight.
, Retention of the company's labor permit
『 Failure to comply with the above qualification conditions will result in delays in customs clearance, customs and taxes.
Documents required for customs clearance in Korea
, Copy of passport
, Copy of visa (regardless of visa type, procedure to confirm Russian name)
, E-mail address, local contact information
Documents required for local clearance in Russia
, Copy of passport
, Copy of visa
, Work permit
, Original and copy of the statement (provided by the local partner)
, Company Letter Paper (provided from the local Partner)
『 Russia will be unloaded from the Far East port, cleared and shipped inland.
Total Estimated Period 57~66 Days
** The schedule above may be changed according to natural disasters, priors, and customs clearance.
『Reasons for long and difficult inspection of the migration cargo container :
, Because of the large quantity of each item and the various items compared to general commercial cargo,
 it is considered the most convenient way to get contraband from customs.
, If the railroad permit is issued, document is received, and platform waiting is 20 ft (based on 40 ft on 7 days),
  the time period may be extended as two are required.
, Departure from rail.
, Home shipping: Delivery on the pre-conflicted date with the customer
 (delivery on the same day after customs clearance is completed)
Notes on Packaging
For electronics
, Enter manufacturer, model name, product, and serial No.
『 For TV, you need Inch and Type.
『 In case of refrigerator, mark the capacity(Liter)
Prohibited articles
Alcohol, weaponry, pornography, narcotics, medicines, toxic products, radioactive products, photographs or prints against Russian government policy, food products of all kinds, GPS equipment.
Information of Voltage
You cannot use Korean products (NTSC method) in PAL format.
, Heavy snowfall or freezing of the port of Vladivostok may cause delays in freight transport in Russia.
, When arriving at Vladivostok and moving to Moscow, the temperature inside the container changes a lot. Damage or damage to plastic products or cosmetic cases may occur.
Housing rental
, Russian employees usually rent (rent) their homes in Moscow.
, Due to the characteristics of Russia, if the rental houses are damaged during the process of moving or relocating furniture, the renter will have to pay 100 % for the lost amount.
, In case damage to the house can occur, consult with the owner in advance to reduce the cost.