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Relocation Information :Brazil
Since Korea and Brazil have a tourist and commercial visa waiver agreement,
they are allowed to stay without a visa for up to 90 days in the event of entering
the country for tourism and commercial purposes. You must obtain a visa
when entering the country for other purposes.
Customs Information
Customs duties are charged at 15 % to 30 % of the price of goods, and 15 % is imposed only if the visa is left over 10 months.
The qualifications of customs
For Brazilians or foreigners entering the country for permanent stay, the following property or used goods will be subject to tax exemptions:
Clothes, cosmetics, shoes and etc. personal products
Furniture, other household goods products
Iron works, machinery, furniture, tools for work, artwork, or office supplies
Required documents
A copy of passport
Proof that he or she has residence in Brazil, such as a housing contract
or a national notarization document.
A document issued by the Congress or a public authority stating that the
shipper lives more than one year.
Item list: must be quoted in US dollars
(in Portuguese)
CPF (Economic Activities ID card): This is a unique one not found in
Korea and is required to open bank accounts, open mobile phones,
and purchase high-value items.
A written authority
If you have a temporary visa or Work visa, you should contact our staff
representative for additional paperwork and Guarantee Bond.
- All paperwork must be received 7 days before the shipper arrives in Brazil.
- If documentation is insufficient, it may lead to additional costs such as delays.
so please consult with the person in charge in GLS KOREA in advance.
Shipping Schedule
Once the ship arrives at the port of destination, the customs procedures shall be taken after unloading the container.
As in any country, Brazil's customs may select containers at random to check whether the actual container matches the paperwork, which could cause delays in customs clearance. Once the customs clearance is complete, we will discuss the delivery schedule with the local contact information you informed us before we proceed with the delivery. For Brasilia, when the shipment arrives at Santos Port, it is shipped to Brasilia after customs clearance.
Total Estimated Period 52~60 Days
** The schedule above may be changed according to natural disasters, prehistory and customs clearance.
Carry-in ban and significant items
Carry-in prohibited products
Living plants, anesthesia and drugs, food and cans (Please note that if you are caught, you may suffer disadvantages such as delay in customs clearance, seizure, or imposition of tariffs.)
Carry-in significant item
Wooden materials: Wood boxes should be disinfected in Brazil at the expense of the shipper (customer)
Alcoholic beverage: There are 50 % tariffs, unless you are a diplomat.
Food: Agriculture and fisheries products are generally restricted items for consignment and subject to quarantine.
However, as it is for personal use rather than commercial use, it is possible to clear customs in
exceptional cases, but it may resume in some circumstances.
Animals: Dogs and cats require certificates for vaccines and other health quarantine.
Information of Voltage
Brasilia 220V, Sao Paulo 110V
PAL (Unable to use Korean products NTSC)