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Relocation Information : India
India is subject to tariff on all migration shipments, and must be eligible for
customs clearance. Since you have to pick up your cargo within one month after
entering India after receiving your visa, you must issue a Residence Permit immediately
after arriving in India for the customs clearance to proceed smoothly.
Customs Information
Customs duties are charged at 15 % to 30 % of the price of goods, and 15 % is imposed only if the lease is in place and the visa is left over 10 months.
Required documents
If you do not qualify for duty free entry, have a new product or you have liquor or
grained products that exceed your moving limit, you may be taxed.
Passport (Valid period should have more than 10 months)
Visa (TR-resident visa for more than 1 year / UB-resident visa for less than 1 year)
Residence permit
The shipper must enter the country before the cargo arrives in order to prepare for the customs clearance documents including residence permit. Customs clearance should be done within 1 month you enter the local country.
There is also a difference in the taxation on the type of visa (TR-27 % / UB-37 %) and in the case of UB; the tax-free applied items are limited to books, clothes and etc.
Shipper schedule
Once the ship arrives at the port of destination, the customs procedures shall be taken after unloading the container.
Customs clearance generally takes for a week to 10 days when all documents are complete. As in any country, customs may randomly check the containers to see if the actual container matches the paperwork, which may cause delays in customs clearance. Once the customs clearance is complete, we will discuss the delivery schedule with the customer's contact information before we proceed with the delivery. The transport dates required vary slightly by region, with the average transport times calculated in major cities is as follows:
  Chennai Bangalore Pune Hyderabad
Total Estimated Period 27~34 Days 36~43 Days 34~40 Days 35~41 Days
*India may take longer than the total estimated length of time if a congestion takes place in Singapore, where T / S is switched after sailing.
Carry-in ban and significant items
Carry-in prohibited products
Animals, plants
Pornographic magazines, photographs, films, etc.
Other items prohibited by Indian customs
Due to the cultural characteristics of India, tobacco, alcohol, and pornography are strictly regulated, and high tariffs are imposed upon detection n. Please note that the disposal may cause disadvantages.
Carry-in significant item
Since it is difficult to get Korean food in India, it is recommended to take the proper amount, but be aware
that the total value of food under the India Customs Code is not allowed to be more than USD 1000.
Food can be served in only one-third of the total, and 40KG X 5 sack of rice is allowed.
Even if new appliances or similar appliances are duplicated, a tax may be levied.