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The relocation information : Japan
A student visa, work visas, customs duty free shop all those who are going
from an immigrant visa.
Custom Information
Required documents
If you are not qualified for duty free entry, have new products or exceed the limited amount of grained goods, you may be taxed if you have special items.
A separate customs declaration form
A copy of Passport
Unlike other countries, Japan is required to fill out a separate customs declaration form, submit it to customs officials, obtain its seal, and clear the customs.
(You can fill out a request for two copies on the flight to Japan, and our staff representative will give you detailed information.) You can fill out a replacement document if you don't have a separate shipping declaration form, but the number of forms to fill out increase and the customs clearance will be more strict than usual, so filling out the separate customs declaration form is recommended. You are required to submit a copy of the original separate shipping declaration form, a copy of the passport photo page, a copy of the Korean departure stamp, and a copy of the Japanese immigration stamp sheet during the import customs clearance. Shipper should be at the site. You must complete the customs clearance for moving goods within six months after entering Japan to clear customs clearance.
Shipping schedule
When the vessel arrives at the port, it is required to clear the container after unloading.
Customs in Japan may select containers at random to check whether the actual container matches the paperwork, although it takes about 4 to 5 days to clear them. Once the customs clearance is complete, we will discuss the delivery schedule with the local contact information you informed us about before we proceed with the delivery. The transport dates required in Japan vary depending on the region, and the average transport time calculated in major cities is as follows:
  Tokyo Sendai Osaka Kobe
Total Estimated Period 15~21 Days 15~24 Days 15~24 Days 16~25 Days
** The schedule above may be changed according to natural disasters, prehistory and customs clearance.
Carry-in ban and significant items
Carry-in prohibited products
Animals, plants
Pornographic magazines, photographs, films, etc.
Other items prohibited by Japanese customs
Carry-in significant item
100 KG of Grains including the rice, 3 bottles of alcoholic beverage (780ML per 1 bottle), daily necessities (soap, toothpaste, detergent, etc.), but you can bring 24 per kind, 1,000 sheets of seaweed, sugar, instant noodle and etc. less than two hundred thousand yen can pass the customs clearance but please note that if you exceed the limit, you must pay taxes or dispose of them.
Information of Voltage
110V 50/60Hz
NTSC method, able to use Korean TV
ZONE2 (*Korea ZONE3)