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Although each state's customs has a slightly different qualification or
procedure, it is possible to clear duty free customs if a full VISA is issued except
for the tourist visa (B1, B2).
Customs information
Required documents
1 copy of Republic of Korea passport (PASSPORT COPY)
Pictures on the passport must be recognizable and the passport must be at
least six months old.
Visa should be sent no later than five days before cargo arrives at the
United States port and the photo should be identifiable. Both passport and visa
should be scanned and sent in the mail so that the face can be identified.
The person in charge of our company will forward the necessary documents
to you during the U.S. Customs clearance. After completing it, please submit
it in Korea or the United States.
If all necessary documents are not provided during customs clearance, they may be delayed or taxed.
You must be at the local country before the cargo arrives in the United States, and your local office will take care of the paperwork. It is not necessary to be at the customs. Currently, the United States conducts an X-RAY test on every container that is brought into the United States after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. At random, the custom clearance period for OPEN EXAM is approximately 7 to 8 days from the date the document is submitted to customs.
Shipping schedule
Once the container arrives at the port, the custom clearance will be conducted after devanning from the container.
Customs clearance, like in all countries, can randomly check the containers to inspect if the actual container matches the paperwork, and this can cause delays in the customs clearance. Customs clearance is generally completed within seven days but depending on the type of inspection, it can vary somewhat. Once the customs clearance is complete, we will begin shipping after we discuss the delivery schedule with you. In the Western United States, most of the containers will be delivered via the LONG BEACH, the Middle United States will use LONG BEACH or CHICAGO and the eastern part will be delivered via NEW YORK. The shipping delivery schedule may vary depending on the shipping schedule or local circumstances.
  Los Angeles Chicago Atlanta New York
Total Estimated Period 35~40 Days 45~50 Days 45~50 Days 45~50 Days
** The schedule above may be changed according to natural disasters, prehistory and customs clearance.
Carry-in ban and significant items
Carry-in Prohibited products
Alcoholic drink
New Item
Fire Arms/Knives
Pornography item
A great quantity of medicine, drugs, chemical products
Cultural property
ITEMS prohibited by other governments
Foods such as grain, kimchi, and meat are all basically prohibited.
When you bring your food with you, it can cause a number of problems during local customs procedures. Plants, especially beans that are not dried, are prohibited from being brought in as seeds. Food contained in moving goods shall also be subject to FDA approval. If you are caught importing food inevitably, delays in customs clearance and PENALTY may occur, so please consult with us in advance. The alcohol or tobacco may be charged with a high DUTY & TAX, so if it is inevitable, it is advisable to take only a small amount.
Carry-in significant products
If a large number of moving parts carry the same product (SAMPLE with them), it is considered as COMMERCIAL and is subject to pay the tax.
Information of voltage
110V, 60HZ
NTSC method, able to use Korean TV
ZONE1 (Korea ZONE3)
You can use the high-speed Internet through the high-speed Internet network.