Cost Calculation

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Air transport is calculated by weight (volume weight)
and sea transport by volume.
Main list of transport price
The transport price is largely divided into four parts.
1. Origin Charge Cost incurred by professional packaging teams at home before they come in for packaging and handling containers, and before shipping at ports.
2. Ocean Freight All expenses ranging from domestic ports to ports in the country of arrival are stated.
3. Local Charge It is the cost of unloading and delivery to your home after unloading containers at the ports of the country after arrival.
4. Extra Cost This is the cost incurred if there is special cargo, such as offshore freight insurance, ladder car usage, or piano.
Origin Charge + Ocean Freight + Local Charge + Extra Cost = TOTAL
Unit price calculation method
Standard unit
Cost of moving goods will be shipped by ocean and will be priced on the
basis of volume (CBM). CBM means the volume corresponding to
CUBIC METER i.e. a cube 1 m by 1 m high and 1 m wide. The exact CBM
can be checked after completing its packaging and loaded onto the container.