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GLS KOREA delivers customers' shipments safely.
There are many companies to offer a service to deliver your valuable goods to your destination, but offering the best quality of service throughout the entire process is not as many. To determine whether you can trust the company or not, we suggest you take a look at the following.
  • Please check the company's performance.
    Since its establishment, GLS KOREA has been building the loyalty and trust by conducting the
    process of the cargos of overseas executives and employees. The contracts with global
    enterprises such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai, KIA Motor Corporation, LG Electronics,
    SK Hynix, POSCO, and Hyundai Heavy Industries automobiles are renewed annually. It proves
    that GLS KOREA is recognized of the service capability.
  • Please make sure whether having its logistics center (warehouse).
    The warehouse is essential for international movement service. GLS KOREA has a modern
    warehouse which had been constructed in June 2007. It is monitored and managed by
    direct management. GLS KOREA¡¯s logistics Center is located in Namyangju and has the latest
    facilities. We provide the safe and clean storage environment for moving goods through the
    new logistics center.
  • Please check the freight insurance rate.
    The carrier's cargo insurance rate is the most objective indicator of the safety of the
    transportation. As with regular automotive insurance, the premium and discount rate is
    determined in proportion to the accident rate, and as a result of efforts to ensure the safe
    transport of customer assets, the insurance rate in GLS KOREA remains at its lowest point
    in the industry.
  • Packing
    It should be ensured that the overseas shipments should be packed safely much more than the
    typical packing of local counterparts. GLS KOREA¡¯s packing team consists of full-time workers
    with more than a decade's average experience. Also, our team uses high-quality packaging materials
    to provide the best packaging service in the country. If you choose a company based solely on
    advertising and cost, you'll likely be disappointed and suffer in local destination country.
  • Please check the membership in the association.
    GLS KOREA is a foreign freight company that received permission from the Ministry of
    Oceans and Fisheries in September 200 as the first member of the Overseas Migrant Association.
    The Korea Overseas Migrants Association was launched in November 2007. The purpose of this
    association is to distinguish the good companies from poor service providers. The association
    encourages the members to have a fair way of completing and leading the way in protecting the
    interests of consumers by establishing protection policies.