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GLS KOREA provides the best service to customers by improving
logistics environment. In June 2007, we have finished the construction
of the warehouse in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do.
(Ground: 2640 square meters / floor space: 1090 square meters)

GLS KOREA's warehouse has exclusive storage containers for keeping
the cargo safe for long-term period. For those who are worried abou
t the place to store and need a place to keep their cargo for certain
period, we can offer the customized service with storage solution.
In addition, we have various kinds of logistic equipment that are
necessary for better service and provide STORAGE SOLUTION to meet
the individual needs of our customers.

GLS KOREA¡¯s warehouse has 3 systems which are to maintain
the environment such as security system SECOM, automatic temperature
control system and humidity sensor are operating 24 hours a dayto
prevent the deterioration of cargo that may occur
during long-term storage.

GLS KOREA will do our best to maintain the best service with the logistics
environment system for our customers.
  • Wide Environment of Warehouse
    (Ground: 2640 square meters / floor space: 1090 square meters)
    The warehouse of GLS KOREA has a wide logistics environment. It has the great
    capability of 40 FT Multiple containers and we can handle large quantities of
    cargo without a problem.
  • Safe and Clean Storage Environment
    SECOM Security Systems and CESCO Prevention Control Systems keep the goods
    and documents safe for a long period without any problem.
  • Natural Light Window
    Achi-Light windows can completely protect packaging materials and
    goods from moisture.
  • Document storage using BOX and RACK
    The method of keeping documents using specially-made box for document
    storage and the latest Rack Systems can guarantee the long-term storage of
  • Multiple logistics equipment
    GLS KOREA owns a variety of different types, including five-ton mega cars,
    2.5-ton trucks, 1.4-ton trucks, and forklifts and etc. The logistics equipment
    complies with the customer's various NEEDS's